Hi! Over 20 years ago, I got clean from a drug addiction which started me on a quest of personal healing that continues to this day.

That quest is what propelled me to start SoYoung; I had lived a good portion of my life believing in my own lack, with an overwhelming sense of unworthiness. The only way I found to counter this belief was to have the courage to think bigger, believe in my own potential and pursue a greater vision. SoYoung has become the vehicle through which I tap into my inner resilience and continually push past the boundaries of what I think I'm capable of.

Beyond creating thoughtfully-made lifestyle goods with the mission to make personal wellness sustainable and self-empowering. SoYoung exists as a testament of taking action despite fear. It's not how you feel, it's what you do that counts.


Everyone Has a Story

Sep 01, 2018 Catherine Choi

Before I became a mother, I’d often share a story about myself that never failed to blow people away, mainly because it was in such opposition to the standard first impression of me as “nice”, “friendly”, “sweet”, and possibly “shy” or “quiet”. In other words, a normal person without a dramatic or colored past. I’m certainly guilty of rushing to the same conclusions. When I meet someone who seems normal and together, I tend to imagine that they’ve had a happy childhood with lots of pleasant memories of growing up. And time and again, I’ve been proven wrong.

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Choosing The Deep Discomfort of Life

Apr 15, 2024 Catherine Choi

Are you glad to be a woman?

Mar 03, 2022 Catherine Choi