Grey Wraparound Ice Pack

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$12.00 CAD

A practical and stylish accessory designed to keep your meals fresh and cool. It's perfect for everyday use, fitting seamlessly into our lunch bags and lunch boxes.


• Polyester Fabric: Offers durability and a premium feel.

• Non-Toxic Filling: Filled with water and cellulose gum for safety and optimal cooling.

• Fully Immersible and Washable: Easy to clean for repeated use.

• Removable Outer Sleeve: Allows for easy washing.

• Dimensions: 7"L X 0.25"W X 4"H - Perfectly sized for our lunch bags and backpacks.

Please note, SoYoung is not responsible for products that are ruined, torn or damaged as a result of improper washing. Click here to make sure you read our care directions prior to cleaning your products.

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