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Our fundraising  program makes it easy to earn a  15% commission on all sales that originate from you sharing our products online. 


How it works

  • Simply sign up to be a SoYoung affiliate, and we will provide you with a custom link that you can share with friends and community members through social media or on any  web site. Registration takes less than a minute. 
  • This link tracks your referral activity using browser-based "cookies". Any sales that result earn you a 15% commission.
  • We provide you with a customized dashboard where you can track your earnings  

Benefits of the Program

  • Free to set up, with no commitment or minimums
  • Takes 30 seconds to register and you can get your referral program up and running in less than 5 minutes
  • 100% transparent - you'll have access to a dashboard that provides real-time updates on sales and earnings. You'll also receive email updates as soon as you earn a commission.
  • Banners, custom links and high quality assets are all provided
  • You are paid electronically within 30 days of an eligible purchase
  • You earn commissions for any purchase that occurs within 60 days of your referral
  • Generous commissions of 15% for attributable sales. 

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    SoYoung currently only ships to addresses within continental North America. For inquiries regarding international retailers and distribution, email us at inquiries@soyoung.ca.


    We ship anywhere in continental North America, however if your shipping address is in the USA you’ll have to place your order in the USA Store.