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Charlie FAQ

How can I convert my Charlie Bag into a backpack?

The Charlie Diaper Bag can be converted into a backpack by looping the messenger strap through the designated backpack loop located at the top of the bag near the main zipper. Be sure to remove the padded shoulder piece from the messenger strap first.

Then, attach the brass ‘D’ ring clips of the messenger strap to the brass loops near the bottom of the diaper bag, as shown in the image below.

Adjust the messenger strap to achieve a comfortable fit. In order to ensure an even weight distribution, the messenger straps should be adjusted so the bag sits close to your back and shoulders with no extra sagging from the messenger strap.

This option is best used during lighter travel days. Our recommended weight restriction when using the Charlie as a backpack is less than 8 lbs. This reduces strain on your back and ensures that less pressure is placed on the bag's backpack conversion loop. Please note the conversion loop may break if the bag is overloaded.

Additionally, here is a link to a pdf. with step by step instructions and photos about how to enjoy using your Charlie Diaper Bag as a backpack:


Why does the snap button on my Charlie backpack conversion loop keep opening?

This snap button is intended to keep the backpack loop rolled up and secure when the bag is carried with the shoulder straps, hung with the stroller straps or worn messenger style.

When the Charlie is worn as a backpack, the button should remain open so the messenger strap can be looped through the fabric, as shown in the photo above.

Will my SoYoung Diaper bag fade over time?

SoYoung's diaper bags are constructed of quality natural cotton canvas.

Since these bags are used around young ones, we do not coat them with chemicals to retain their colour in the sun, nor do we use flame retardants or any other synthetic materials that could cause harm such as PVC and phthalates. This means that material may fade faster than other fabrics when exposed to the sun and other elements. 

The bag’s fading is a natural and irreversible effect that does not diminish the quality or usability of the bag. In fact, many people love that the bag achieves a beautifully weathered look over time

How can I clean my bag?

The exterior of the Charlie bag is composed of a durable cotton canvas material and the limited edition Waxed Charcoal Charlie bag features a waxed cotton material.

The exterior material should be spot cleaned with a damp rag and gentle solvent if necessary. The bag should be left open to dry.

The interior of the diaper bags has an EVA coated lining material which makes the bags easy to wipe down and clean. The interior of the bag can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Becuase of the natural fibers, the Charlie bag may be prone to attracting lint if exposed to high pile fabrics such as terry cotton or wool.

If you do find that your bag is collecting lint we suggest rubbing a dryer sheet or using an anti-static spray on the exterior of the bag and then brushing with a lint roller or a dry cellulose sponge.


How can I clean my change mats?

SoYoung change mats are machine washable. They can be left out to dry. In order to protect the laminated coating, do not place the change mats in the dryer.


What is the difference between the Charlie Diaper Bag and the Emerson Diaper Tote?

Your decision to purchase one of our diaper bags will most likely depend on the age of your baby.

With a new baby, you will likely be carrying around more items than you would as the baby gets older, so the Charlie Diaper Bag is ideal for new moms on-the-go.

It is a full feature diaper bag that offers two insulated bottle pockets, a large insulated back pocket for snacks or a 13" laptop, a wipeable main compartment with a combination of six clear and mesh interior pockets, a front main compartment to hold your wallet, keys, cell phone or anything else that you may need and a back pocket for blankets, magazine or newspapers.

The dimensions for the Charlie bag are: 15"W x 10"H x 7"D

The Emerson Tote is designed for the later years with baby or to be used on lighter travel days with or without the baby. It offers a much slimmer design.

The Emerson includes a removable insulated bottle pocket that can be used with our without the bag, 3 exterior and 6 interior wipeable pockets.  

The dimensions for the Emerson Tote are: 14"W x 11"H x 5.5"D

All of our diaper bags include a removable change mat, stroller straps and messenger strap with a shoulder pad.