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Golden Coil Journal

GOLDEN COIL - makes the most customizable planners in the world. You can choose from a beautiful linen or a buttery soft synthetic leather cover and we love that you can add in extra pages to help you meal plan, grocery shop and even track your wellness (sleep, energy, water, vitamins mood etc).

Carry your new Golden Coil to work in our ALL DAY BACKPACK.


Three Ships Rosehip Oil

THREE SHIPS - Since our skin is our largest organ, we want to make sure that we’re feeding it with only clean skin care products. THREE SHIPS uses natural ingredients and we love that it’s a certified B corporation and based in Ontario too!

Our BEAUTY POCHE is the perfect travel companion for transporting your new Three Ships skin care routine.



Bala weights

 BALA - Looking to add a bit of challenge to your workout sessions this year? BALA makes pretty products that are made to move with you and we personally love the Bala bangles because these silicone wrapped steel weights wrap right around your wrists or ankles so that you can exercise with ease.

Our ALL DAY BACKPACK is the perfectly sized stylish gym bag.


Golden Hour drink

GLDN HOUR - Take a sip of self-care with GLDN HOUR’s collagen infused sparkling water! We love that you can drink your water and get the benefits of collagen on the go. Available in 5 fresh flavors!

Take your Golden Hour to the beach or park in our LUNCH BAG - fits 6 cans - enough for all your friends!



Cadence 6 Piece CapsuleCADENCE - Do you ever over pack before a flight or night away from home? CADENCE makes compact, magnetic, leakproof and customizable containers for travel so that you can take just the right amount of all your essentials with you wherever you go. We love that they are made with recycled ocean bound plastic and come in 8 beautiful colors!

Cadence and our BEAUTY POCHE are a match made in heaven.

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