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Staying SoYoung: Megan Little

November 22, 2016

Learn more about Megan and check out her blog at www.sortofstyle.com


What’s your workout routine? 

I workout 3x a week at Rival Fitness, a boutique gym located in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle. For my workout, I run 4 miles and then spend 30 minutes doing strength training with free weights. There is just something about the runner’s high, the sweat. I’ve always been a solo runner - I guess I like that it gives me a little time to myself. I always get good ideas while running that spur my creativity. It’s also a mood stabilizer. I had an injury in September when I didn't run for a couple of weeks and I could feel the difference.


How do you ensure you’re getting a mental break?

For me, reading is my escape and it relaxes me. I love biographies, especially ones that are set in the 70’s - I just love that era. Keith Richards “Life” is one that comes to mind. Right now I’m on Anthony Bourdain's second book. I’ve also recently read The Goldfinch again. That my favorite book of all time. 

I love biographies, especially ones that are set in the 70’s.

How do you ensure you’re making healthy eating choices throughout the day?

I love to cook and I eat a diet consisting mostly of organic meat, veggies, and fruit. A little over a year ago, I started using a service called Blue Apron that delivers fresh produce, meat, spices and oils in a box once a week with recipes that are constantly changing.  It’s a fun way to still cook and try new things without having to constantly shop for groceries.   At the end of August, I went onto more of a Paleo diet. I was initially just doing it to stop eating sugar but I’ve stayed with it because and I look and feel so much better. There was an initial withdrawal process, but  I’m now eating a lot fewer carbs than I used to.


How do you structure your time with your family? 

It’s important that I have a structured day and week, especially when it comes to my 6-year-old son. He's asleep at 9pm and up at 7am every day of the week. Nailing that routine has been a game changer for keeping his moods stable and his energy up. I also make sure he helps out with cooking so that I’m instilling healthy eating habits at a young age.


I like to make sure my son helps out with cooking so that I’m instilling healthy eating habits at a young age.

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