Is Your Kid Camp Ready?

So school’s (almost) out for summer and, for many families, camp is just around the corner. Whether it’s your little people’s first foray or a return to a beloved scenic setting, every parent wants to be sure their kiddos are fully prepared for the activities, games, and fun. 

Are they overnighters?

Whether they’ve slept over at their auntie’s or done a slumber party with a school pal, it’s best to ensure that your little people are ready for an overnight camp experience by doing some trial runs with family and friends. It’s less about age and more about each child’s personality – but if local sleepaways tend to result in 11PM calls to be picked up, you may want to stick with a day camp this year.

Are they comfortable with strangers?

Every child is different – we all know a social butterfly who wants to chat up every parent at the park and a kid who’s happier playing independently ‘til they have time to get to know new people. If your child is the former, chances are they’ll find a way to fit into a group of new kids without much discomfort – but if they’re the latter, you may want to look at recruiting one of their playgroup, school, or neighbourhood friends, or even a sibling close in age, to join the fun for the week and make the transition easier for them.

Will they (really, really) miss you?

Every kid is going to miss their family to some extent when they’re on their own – which feels a bit like it could break your heart, but of course, we all know it can be so beneficial to fostering their independence and showing them how very much they’re capable of doing on their own. A special way to fill their lonely moments is to prepare a lunch bag with special unperishable snacks and surprises from their parents, tucking a sweet note in the bag’s pocket to remind them of how much you love them – they can enjoy a special surprise, remembering that they’re never really alone. 

    Here’s to a great camp week – and a well-deserved break for all campers’ parents!


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