5 Tips to Survive Back-to-school Lunches

Don’t overpack.

“But what if they get hungry?” If they’re not eating a full dinner plate of spaghetti at home, they don’t need that much at lunch. Lunchboxes and backpacks right-sized to a child’s age make it easy to right-size their sustenance.

Think beyond the sandwich.

While the sandwich sits in the packed-lunch throne, modern families mix it up with everything from last night’s leftover dinner to a charcuterie mix. Our SoYoung YumBox collaboration brings together Bento convenience with lots of extra room for those snacks and drinks that simply can’t be compartmentalized.

Say goodbye to gross.

Let’s face it: kids are masters of ickying up… well, everything. With our removable insert, daily sink-rinses are a snap. Better yet, all of our products are machine washable so they always look like it’s the first day of school.

Chill out. (Literally.)

You can avoid items that need refrigeration altogether, but with our insulated lunch boxes and non-toxic, condensation-free ice packs, you (and your kid’s lunch) can keep it cool, no sweat. (See what we did there?)

Set yourself free.

Guilt begone: all of our children’s products made from natural linen, and are PVC-free, BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. So even if the kiddo is getting a (nut-free) PB&J, you’re making a good, conscious everyday choice.


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