It’s not what you think, it’s what you do.

Coming off a high after a whirlwind one day show in Santa Monica called Foundermade with this amazing lady @jcandco by my side the whole time - from furniture build to the very last conversation in our booth. It’s amazing what having someone who has an unwavering belief in you can give you the strength to do.

What was different about this show for me was that, due to it’s intimate setting, I was really able to let my guard down and talk about the real mission behind SoYoung.⠀

Some of you may know that earlier this year I revealed my personal story of addiction and recovery as a driving force behind why I started this business- partly to show that negative voice in my head that always said “Not for you” that “yes I can and yes I will”.⠀

Although I suspected that so many could relate to this voice, another part of me feared that people would judge me for being so personal and “too much information,lady” (that voice again).⠀

I never in a million years would have thought it was a story I would share with corporate buyers and potential investors- but that’s exactly what happened yesterday. And I was really astounded by the response. In 100% of the case, the story behind SoYoung was met with appreciation, openness and respect. In other words- humanity. Lest we forget that we are all human.⠀

I am moved and inspired by the support and feel even stronger in my mission to have our brand and products serve as a reminder that - whatever it is that you strive to achieve- however impossible the dream seems- just take action with one small step towards that vision. Those small steps add up to transformation. ⠀

Although my life is completely changed now than it was 21 years ago when I got clean - the fear and the doubt as to whether I can do the next thing is always there. The difference is that I now know that taking action despite how I feel about it is all that matters

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