Happy International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, I am reflecting on the many amazing women I have had the privilege to connect with through SoYoung. One of these is our lovely Australian distributor, Megan Mallen of @minihippoau.⁣⠀

I launched the first 6 prints of our lunch boxes in November of 2009. One month later, just before Christmas, we welcomed our 3rd child. And on January 4th 2010, I hired a part time nanny and got back to work.⁣⠀

The lunch boxes were a big hit - and in Feb 2010 we received amazing media coverage from a then huge blog out of NYC called DailyCandy which resulted in hundreds of orders and emails from retailers and customers interested in our line. One thing I noticed was that we had a LOT of inquiries from Australia, asking how they could purchase our product.⁣⠀

So my next order of business was to find a distributor in Australia. I asked everyone I knew if they could suggest someone who might be willing to distribute our line in Australia. One person said "I might know someone... but I think she's just about to have a baby..." ⁣⠀

I reached out anyways. As it turns out, she had already had her baby (her second child) - the week before. We spoke over the phone and connected immediately like old friends. She saw potential with our line - and decided to take it, despite the fact that she had a newborn and toddler at home. A woman after my own heart.⁣⠀

Since then, our businesses have grown side by side on opposite sides of the world. We've connected over video calls and emails, but never met in person...until last week when she decided to come to the Chicago International Home and Housewares Show. There is nothing that replaces meeting someone face to face - and now I can truly say that not only do I have a business partner but someone I am proud to call a friend.⁣⠀

Of all the gifts that I have received in being a business owner, at the top of the list are the many strong, courageous, and inspiring women that have helped me keep the faith on this journey. To them - and to you, I wish you a Happy International Women's Day. ⁣⠀

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