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How to save money and reduce landfill

January 22, 2013

Pack a lunch – it could save you hundreds… and it’s earth-friendly too!

Many of us want to spend less in 2013.  But demands on our money can be tight – especially if there are kids to clothe, entertain and feed!  So how do you find ways to cut back on spending?  Well, there is one tried and true way to save money – take your lunch to work. If you are in the habit of buying your lunch – or breakfast, snacks and coffee – during the workweek, you’re probably spending a lot of cash that you could end up saving.  Not to mention the landfill from all the disposable packaging! Sure, runnin
g down to the food court is fast and convenient – especially if you have busy mornings – but have you ever done the math? 

Spending just $10 a day on food works out to $50 a week… $200 a month or $2400 a year!
Packing your lunch every day can be easy, healthy and tasty.  And with the right lunch bag, you don’t have to limit yourself to sandwiches and carrot sticks.   Pack warm leftovers or throw together a crisp salad – you’ll probably find you save money, time and calories!

Here are some tips to easy meal packing:

  1. Batch prepare your meals for the week. Instead of making just 1 salad, prepare 3 at a time.  And be inventive with salads – throw both raw and cooked veggies (think leftover steamed broccoli) onto a bunch of greens, chop up an apple or clementine segments, and a handful of any kind of nuts. Pack the protein separately in smaller containers. If you can, keep a bottle of salad dressing at work. Easy!
  2. Pack dinner leftovers straight away into lunch containers after dinner so you can grab them and dash out the door.
  3. Better yet, plan to make leftovers in advance!  If you’re cooking pasta one night, throw in some extra noodles so that you know you’ll have a lunch option for the next day.
  4. Don’t feel the need to assemble everything at home.  Feel like a sandwich but don’t have time to make it before you dash to work?  Grab some fresh ingredients (i.e. cheese, meat, vegetables, bread) and put it together at work.


Have some helpful tips for easy lunches on the go?  Send them to us, and we’ll publish them on our blog!

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