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Meet our Retailers: Diaper-eez

September 20, 2012

Here we are, back to introduce you another retailers of ours! For this week's feature we decided to play home and choose one of our Canadian retailers, the fabulous Diaper-eez , located in Toronto, Ontario.  

Give us a little history on your store, how long you've been in business, and the best phrase to describe your store.
Diaper-eez is your #1 source for all things cloth diapers. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Diaper-eez is a family owned and run baby shop that specializes in useful and sustainable products for babies and moms. For the last 17 years, Diaper-eez has been providing new families with the tools that they need to succeed at cloth diapering, as well as all other things newborn. From baby carriers and sunhats, to teethers and sleep sacks, Diaper-eez puts a focus on local and Canadian made products and works to ensure that we provide families with quality products at reasonable prices.

What do you feel sets your store apart from the competition?
Diaper-eez is the only specialty cloth diaper store in Toronto. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and education – we really want to help people choose the best cloth diapers for their baby, their budget and their lifestyle. We offer free cloth diaper talks daily and encourage customers to come back with any questions or concerns they may have after making their purchases.  Which SoYoung products do you carry in your store? We carry a wide variety of SoYoung products in our store, including the Charlie diaper bag, large cooler bags, lunch boxes, small cooler bags, toddler backpacks.

Which is SoYoung product you like best and why?
At Diaper-eez, we absolutely love the Charlie bag. It’s hard to choose a favourite SoYoung product because they’re all so functional and adorable, but the Charlie bag is undeniably great. It’s an incredibly practical and organized diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all. We really love the separate pockets for mom or dad’s things and the separate insulated pocket for snacks. We think it’s awesome that you don’t have to purchase a change pad or a wipes case or stroller clips separately, because they’re all included in one fantastic package.

How to reach them:
Diaper-eez 2309 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M6S 1P1

Store Hours:
Monday: 10am – 6pm Tuesday: 10am – 6pm Wednesday: 10am – 6pm Thursday: 10am – 7pm Friday: 10am – 7pm Saturday: 10am – 6pm Sunday: 12pm – 5pm And, yes, they're also on the Internet:

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