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Backpack Essentials: What to Pack in your Kids School Backpacks

August 15, 2012 2 Comments

Ever get that feeling like you forgot something? Starting early gets you the best selection but can be overwhelming. Avoid those last minute shopping trips for those forgotten items – arm yourself with an ‘I’m prepared’ go-to list!

The number one concern for parents...GERMS! Kleenex and hand sanitizer are easily forgotten when it comes to thinking about school supplies, but these products help keep germs where they belong and should be at the top of everyone's list. Another concern tends to be at what point will your child come home empty handed... the "I lost my backpack" or "I lost my shoes" can be a parents worst nightmare, bringing chaos and confusion that can be avoided with a simple solution - labels! Mabel's Labels offers a great selection of labeling options, that will provide a fun and easy way to help keep you assured!

Toddlers: Typically between kindergarten and grade 3 – these ready to take on the world kids, need a backpack for …

  1. Lunchbox: place for a healthy snack /lunch
  2. Water bottle: a fantastic eco-friendly habit that will keep your kids hydrated throughout the day
  3. Change of clothes: for those occasional accidents
  4. Ziploc Bag: a large re-sealable bag is great for putting important papers where they won’t get wet or for holding the clothes that may endure an accident
  5. Indoor Shoes: most classes require kids to leave a pair of indoor shoes at school 

Juniors: Typically between grades 4 and 6 – these goal setters, need a backpack for…

  1. Cooler bag: place for a healthy snack /lunch
  2. Water bottle: a fantastic eco-friendly habit that will keep your kids hydrated throughout the day
  3. Binder: a standard three ring binder to organize school papers
  4. Paper: if no booklets are provided students make use of lined paper for writing and grid paper for math
  5. Pencil/ Pen: a basic writing instrument, pencils are preferred - be sure to buy extra lead if you get a mechanical pencil!
  6. Sharpener: for use with wooden pencils or pencil crayons only
  7. Eraser: handy to help fix mistakes and revisions
  8. Geometry Set: great toolbox that provides the necessary tools for math and other classes
  9. Calculator: used frequently in classrooms as a tool for double checking your math problems
  10. Pencil Case: to help keep all the essential supplies neat and organized!
For some great ideas on unique school supplies see Cool Mom Pick's "The 2012 Back to School Shopping Guide". They highlight the trending accessories and some great DIY tips! What items have you found that make up your back to school shopping list?

2 Responses

Samantha Cooke
Samantha Cooke

October 16, 2014

Thanks for the tips!

My daughter is going to attend ‘pre-school nursery’ next month! Can’t believe she will be going to school already. Time flies.

Your list got me thinking about ways that I can get creative and help her get excited about her new school adventure. I think that we’ll buy some blank canvas shoes and decorate them with fabric markers, as suggested in the ‘Cool mom pick’s link you featured.

Here’s the link to the craft… looks easy and no one else will have a pair like them!

Thanks again!


October 16, 2014

I love those ideas!

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